You probably received a few gift cards for Christmas, and are hopefully enjoying their use. The last post talked about how to keep them from being among the billion dollars’ worth of cards which go unused. This short follow-up adds an addition tip.

If you have a large number of gift cards, you may want a way to display them so that you can see a larger number at one time. There is no need to buy anything special. If you have a few pieces of card stock and some paper clips, you have all you need.

time management

Eight cards will fit easily along the sides of a piece of card stock. Paper clips secure them in place. The paper click winds up doing double duty, because after using the card, you then have the paper receipt showing the amount remaining. The paper clip secures not only the card, but holds the receipt underneath it.

I have seen recommendations for using business card holders. I find, however, sliding the cards out of those plastic binders is much more difficult than sliding them in and out of the paper clips. In addition, dealing with slipping the paper receipt in and fishing it back out of the the plastic binder presents its own challenge.

The pieces of card stock go in a single file folder along with Groupons and other similar items. The folder goes in my tickler files, so that about once a week the folder presents itself. Its appearance is the trigger for my wife and I to make decisions about what we would like to redeem in the coming week.

What strategies do you have for handling gift cards?