Follow-up is important for any workshop. For a technology workshop, it’s critical. Seeing a concept demonstrated is one thing. To understand the concept, the nuances, and how it can be applied in your own life takes rolling up your sleeves.

One of my sessions at the Alabama Educational Technology Conference related to Google Sheets Add-ons. As promised during the session, this post provides videos on each of those add-ons.

Rather than create the videos, I searched YouTube for what I thought were the clearest demonstrations.

Choice Eliminator

Want a possible selection on your Google Form to disappear when a certain number of people have selected it? Choice Eliminator does that for you.

Thanks to Brent Coley for the video he created. Visit Brent’s YouTube channel.


Form Limiter

You can always manually turn off a form so that it no longer accept responses. Form Limiter allows you to automate the process. You can have the form stop accepting responses:

  1. At a certain date and time,
  2. When the number of responses has reached a pre-defined limit.
  3. When a certain cell value in your Google Sheet reaches a certain value.

Michael Berago is the creator of this video. You can see more of Michael’s videos on his YouTube channel.


formMule can automate many workflows in your organization. Using the normal Google Forms and Google Sheets, formMule send emails at various points in the progress.

The first example is from Mickie Mueller. She is demonstrating how a principal can use formMule to collect data during classroom visits and send the results to the teachers.

You can see more of Mickie’s videos on her YouTube channel.

This next formMule example is from Jennifer Judkins. In this example, Jennifer shows how to create an absence request/approval system using formMule.

You can learn more about Jennifer’s work at She has also constructed a Google Forms Cheat Sheet.

The final formMule example is from Erik Erickson. He is demonstrating how to use formMule to create a system for technology help requests.

You can view more of Erik’s video on his YouTube channel.

Form Publisher

Form Publisher generates files from Google Form submissions that are easy to read, analyze and share.

Tim Higgins is the creator of the following video demonstrating how the add-on works. You can watch more of his videos on his YouTube channel.


Certify’em lets you leverage the power of Google Forms to create online certifications and email custom certificates to exam-takers.

Meagan Kelly created these two demonstration videos. You can view more of her videos on her YouTube channel.


Lab Scheduler

Tables are great for sign-up sheets, even on paper. A shared Google Sheet has replaced its paper counterpart in many schools. Lab Scheduler removes the maintenance aspect of having to clear dates from the past.

Greg Lawrence is the creator of this form. You can watch more of his videos on his YouTube channel.

How do you see using these Google Add-Ons in your school or other organization? Are you already using any? Leave me a comment with how they are helping you. If you think this post would help others, please click the social media links to share it.