A week ago, I wrote about my impressions of Gmail’s new tabbed view. After giving it a try, I found it gave me more places I had to look before being assured I had handled all of my email.

Since writing that post, I have read two articles which shed light on something with comes along with the tabbed view: ads which appear as emails. In this post from TechCrunch, the author downplays the topic, pointing out that Gmail has always included ads and that the ads which now appear in the tabbed inbox are labeled differently from the legitimate email. Still, to me more low-priority stuff in my email is not a good thing.

Lifehacker reported on the same topic in this post, and went a step further. They give instructions for how to turn off the ads:

  1. Go to the Gmail Settings in the upper right-hand corner of Gmail.
  2. Select “Configure Inbox.”
  3. You will see the various tabs which comprise the tabbed view.
  4. Uncheck the “Promotions” tab and save.

The solution gives you one less tab to examine when checking email and eliminates these additional ads. I, for one, still prefer the “Priority Inbox.”