The use of technology in the classroom is the ultimate moving target. None is us has the complete answer, and staying on top of the latest thought regarding best practice is a challenge. This post is simply a reference to an article in Fast Company. I personally believe that when an educational topic occupies significant real estate in a major business magazine, educators need to know about it. We tend to be good at reading what our profession is saying. We tend to not be as good at reading what other professions have to say about educational trends.

The April issue of Fast Company includes an article entitled “A” is for App: How Smartphones, Handheld Computers Sparked an Educational Revolution. I recommend this thought-provoking article for your reading pleasure.

The idea of 1-to-1 computing is certainly a popular topic in education. How to address the cost, however, is an issue. The ability of hardware to stand up under the constant use of young children, the cost of maintenance in terms of dollars, and the man hours required for maintenance are also key questions. It is a conversation which impacts us all. It is a conversation we should be able to enter comfortably, confidently, and knowledgeably.