7 Productivity Secrets

My task list has been digital since 2001, so I have a wealth of experience in that arena. Yes, I was organized long before then. Whether the system revolved around a memo pad in my pocket or a Day-Timer in my hand, there was a system. However, organization became easier when it became digital. In this post, we share productivity secrets surrounding the task list.

Listen to the podcast and learn the productivity secrets

Recently, I talked with Vicki Davis (aka “Cool Cat Teacher”) about seven features you should look for if you are considering going down the same path. I like to call the “The Magnificent Seven.” I invite you to listen to the podcast Click the image below.

Productivity secrets

You can listen to the podcast and read the show notes at this link.

In Chapter 2 of Get Organized!: Time Management for School Leaders, I also discuss these points. The seven criteria work together to provide a solid system. Over the last 10 years, the tools have changed. I moved from the Palm to the BlackBerry to an Android device. The system remained the same. What we discuss here can happen with any tool and with a variety of software.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Would you like to see your email empty every day?
  • Would you like to throw all of your repeating tasks at your system and have it hand them back to you at the right time?
  • Would you like to have your supporting material at hand when you start to work on a task?
  • Would you like to be able to add to your task list with your voice?

You can all of this, and more. Best of all, you can have it today.

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