I am terrible at predicting which of my videos will perform the best. Today, we’ll spotlight 3 videos that should have gotten more views, at least in my opinion.

I hope by bringing these 3 back, it will give you another shot at seeing a gem you missed. For many of you, you may be new to this site and are working through the archives. Be sure to take a look at these three:

How to Plan Tomorrow Today with Remember The Milk

The best way to set up a successful day is through planning. In this video, I go step-by-step on how I use Remember The Milk to plan the day the evening before.

Time Blocking Made Easy

Time blocking is a popular time-management strategy. Watch me demonstrate my take on how to do it. Hint: The answer is NOT “put it all on the calendar.” This is a fairly lengthy video and one that gives a good bit of “behind the scenes” on how I use Remember The Milk.

Windows Clipboard History

Are you tired of the “Copy & Paste Hokey-Pokey”? You know the drill…copy this and paste it there. Go back and copy something else and come back and paste it here. Back and forth. Back and forth. Windows Clipboard History appeared in Oct. 2018, but most of us don’t know it’s there. Once you trade “Windows + V” for “Control + V,” you will have discovered a huge time-saver.

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Revisit this post a few times. Choose another video each time to view and implement into your own practice.

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