This post is a personal one, yet helps illustrate the advantages of having a blog.

Our nephew, B.J. Bonner, was accepted into the NOAA Corps. For the past several months, he and his colleagues have undergone extensive training to prepare them to be officers. Following graduation, the new officers begin their assignments on their respective NOAA ships.

Each officer candidate is allowed to list a top choice, but no candidate is guaranteed this preference will be honored. What you will see in this video is part of a ceremony where each officer candidate finds out the ship assignment, an assignment which will last for the next two to three years.

Davonia and I viewed the video on an email newsletter from NOAA. Naturally, we wanted to save the video, although we did not necessarily want to save the entire newsletter. So, exactly how would we extract and save the video?

I saw an embed code in the newsletter. Highlighting and copying it was the key. After creating a new blog post, the one you are reading now, I pasted the embed code into the new post.

For those who are using Blogger for their platform, but may still be relatively early in the process, when you compose a new post, you see two tabs: “Compose” and “HTML.” You want to click the HTML tab and then paste the embed code there. While that embed code looks pretty cryptic, it is what causes the video to display in the blog post.

While you and I may have a Facebook page or a Twitter account, your blog is the one place you “own.” I can come back to this post a week from now or a year from now and view this video. I can give someone the URL for this particular post. A person can come to this blog and search for this post using the search box in the sidebar.

What you are seeing in this post is one of the reasons I blog. I can post anything here that is important to me, and know it will always be here for me and others to enjoy.