Maybe you’ve watched everything I’ve done this year. Maybe this is your first time hearing about me. After all, the number of subscribers to the YouTube channel grew 10-fold during 2023. There’s a chance you’ve missed something, so here’s your chance to catch up.

Here are the Top 10 pieces of content for 2023:

  1. Here’s the Simple Secret to Organizing Gift Cards. Gift cards go unspent due to disorganization. They wind up in the bottom of a drawer. They get lost. Some people find them not worth the hassle. This video gives you a system for handling them, a way that folds right into the system you hopefully have in place for handling all your paperwork.
  1. Save Time Daily with this Windows 11 Snipping Tool Secret. A little technique can be huge, especially if it’s something you use every day. This video teaches you a technique that takes only one minute to set up. It will be the best 60 seconds you’ve spent in a while.
  1. Your Time Management System: Should You Junk It or Fix It? Change you productivity system and you will love it…at first. But is the new system successful because it’s better? Or, is the new system successful because setting it up forced you to clean up your stuff? Francis Wade and I started a discussion that wound up centering on this topic.
  1. How to Organize Evernote With a Better Tagging System. We’re all familiar with organizing digital material in folders or notebooks, depending upon what the software you use calls them. But what do you do when information belongs in two different places? In Evernote, tags serve as dividers within notebooks, ways to organize similar items across notebooks, or ways to move information through a process. Most Evernote users don’t even use this extremely valuable part of the system. This video breaks it down for you.
  1. An Easy Way to Follow Up on What Others Owe You. If you have advanced to a position of any significance, you are likely not only accomplishing work yourself, but you are getting work done through other people. Sure, your to-do list keeps you on track. But, does it also keep you up-to-date on the deliverables that have been delegated to others? If the answer is “no,” this video is for you.
  1. The Amazing Legend of the 2-Cent Notepad. Knowledge work has seen many changes in the last several generations. With all of the advancements in tools, some basic principles remain the same. This simple story speaks to the most basic one…the starting point for the person who wants to get organized.
  1. How to Succeed With a Paper Planner in a Digital World. Plenty of people love their paper planners. But just how does that planner interface with so much digital input? Our supporting material resides in long URLs and archived emails. In this video, I give you a very simple way to connect the paper planner with all the digital links in your life.
  1. Evernote Voice Journaling: A Powerful Way to Log Your Life. The idea of journaling the events of your day is romantic. Being able to capture your life as it unfolds would be wonderful. But make no mistake. If it’s going to happen, it’s going to have to be easy. And what if it could be as easy as speaking what’s happening right now into your phone or even your watch? When I used a paper planner, the ability to trap the details of the day made it an incredible tool for documentation. With the tools we have today, it’s even easier. The trick is if we’ve figured out how to do it. This article gives it to you.
  1. Creating Order Among Chaos: How to Tame the Whirlwind of Activity. I was delighted when Robert Barlow asked me to participate in the “Creating Order Among Chaos” online summit. Robert allowed me to share the entire interview with you on my site. In this 22-minute interview, we talk about the whirlwind of activity, trapping information on the fly, making your system “fast,” the “7PM email,” and so much more.
  1. Broken Promises and Empty Commitments: The Cost of Not Keeping Your Word How important is it for you to be seen as relevant? Do you want other people to ask for your input and value your contribution? Yes, your world moves quickly, and you have much to do. Welcome to the modern world! But we all have plenty on our plates, and we don’t have time to serve as your personal assistant. We’re tired of coming up with fresh ways to say, “I haven’t heard back from you” and “I’m just cycling this back to the top of your inbox.” When someone consistently shows me I can’t count on them, I stop putting myself in a position where I need to count on them. Every day, we teach people who we are. We teach others we are responsible, that our word means something, and we can be counted on to come through. We teach people our time is valuable, and we don’t waste it. We honor others by not wasting their time. My world is all about helping people succeed in a busy world and make it look easy. The nuts and bolts come together here. It’s about you being in control of your time and surroundings and having the peace of mind that nothing is falling through the cracks.

So there’s my Top 10. What was your favorite of 2023?

Thanks for letting me be part of your life over these last 12 months. I hope you life is a little easier because of something you’ve learned here.

There’s much more in 2024, and we’ll kick it off with a series on choosing the thing you do today in such a way that your tomorrows are better. Happy New Year!

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