The end of the year is always a good time to reflect on the one nearing conclusion. If we’re honest, despite the challenges of the past year, we each accomplished a great deal. Without honest reflection, we remember what went off the rails and forget our successes.

Every Tuesday, I’ve been bringing you content to help you be more organized, be a better manager of your time, and make your life easier.

Today, we’ll review the 10 posts from the past year (or so) I think are particularly applicable to a large number of people. I say “or so,” because the first four dip back into 2020 and even 2019.

11 Good Reasons Why Your 2020 Calendar Should Be Digital. What I said going into 2020 is just as applicable today. In fact, a digital calendar is even more important now. Handling all those Zoom invitations takes just a couple of clicks. Writing those Zoom links on a paper calendar is torture. While they’re some beautiful (and expensive) paper planners on the shelves, here are 11 reasons why a digital calendar is much more practical.

10 Good Reasons Why Your To-Do List Should Be Digital. I haven’t re-written a to-do list since 2001 and couldn’t imagine it any other way. Here’s why a digital task list beats paper every time.

How to Create Video with Zoom and Edit with Shotcut. In a time when a virus was keeping us apart, we found our own ways to stay connected. Learn how Zoom can be your go-to platform for meetings and videos. This video premiered shortly after the start of the pandemic. As a result, it instantly became the most popular ideo on the channel.

How I Memorized 57 Pages of Notes in 1 Day. One memory technique transformed my approach to how to study in college. With it, I made an “A” in every class thereafter (all the way through the doctorate). The results for this one were surprising. This video has become far and away the most viewed video. I’m not sure why. I figure Google must have started recommending it to people.

Can Your Task Manager Do This? Maria White and I talk about using a digital task manager. Learn the 7 things to look for and how to use it to make organization easy.

How to Organize Your Day in Remember The Milk. Entering tasks is one thing. Ordering them so you have a successful day is another. In Remember The Milk, organizing the day is easy.

How to Plan Tomorrow Today with Remember The Milk. The best way to set up a successful day is through planning. Learn step-by-step how I use Remember The Milk to plan the day the evening before. 

Why I Think Remember The Milk is the Best Choice. A digital task manager makes keeping up with modern-day responsibilities easier. Learn why Remember the Milk is my choice.

The Big List of All the Little Things. When you’re new on the job, there’s so much to learn. You don’t know what you don’t know. I wrote this article several years ago for The audience consists of all teachers new to the profession or new to their particular school. It continues to be a popular article because of the nuts & bolts approach.

What’s Google Lens? Why Is It Super Important Now? Google Lens has been around for a while. Now it’s “front and center.” Learn why it’s easier to use and why you may start using it. 

It’s been a pleasure bringing this content to you each week. We’re looking forward to 2022, starting with the launch of a new book.

So what was your favorite content? Let me know in the comments here or feel free add to comments over on YouTube for each video.

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